Welcome to North Pole Assembly! We’re excited about the opportunity to get to know you. We hope you’ll join us in worship as we embark on this adventure of a lifetime. Here’s some information we’d like to share with you about us.
Our Sunday Gatherings            Sunday Morning Groups               What’s Available for Kids?  
open with our worship team            begin at 9:15 or 9:30, depending           On Sunday morning we have
as they sing contemporary              on the program.                                      PowerZone Kids, (K-5), and
Christian songs/choruses                                                                                PowerZone Kids Jr., (3-PreK).
along with some of the older,          Sunday Morning Gathering                         
possibly updated songs/                 begins at 10:30am. You may need         On Wednesday’s we have
hymns. You may see some               to arrive a few minutes early if              PowerZone Live for our
folks raising their hands in               your kids need to be checked in            kids, K-5th grade.
church, we pray for each                  prior to Power Kids or the Nursery.        
other and have a time                                                                                       We also have NPSM, (North
before the sermon where                 Wednesday nights are Family                Pole Student Ministry), for
we “meet and greet” each                 Ministry Night. We have age                  6-12th grade.
other.                                                  appropriate programs, including
                                                                  Adult Bible Study.